If you need an excuse to buy a sex toy…

June 26, 2009 at 1:09 pm Leave a comment

GSPOTGod knows I don’t. But, hey, I’ll take whatever reason I can get to indulge myself. So, Eden Fantasys is handing out free second day air on all Jimmyjane products. In case you’re unfamiliar, Jimmyjane makes the absolute best sex toys ever. Ever. Like, I want to do things to every toy in their entire line.

So hey, use this as an excuse to pick up an iconic pocket rocket (everyone needs at least one. but, four’s better, cause then you can hide them in sneaky places, like in the back of your car’s glovebox, or behind the computer, or at the bottom of a bag of flour), or a quality rabbit. Orrrrrr…. Really spoil yourself or your girl and pick up the incomparable Form 6. It’s g spot stimulation as art. Smooth, sexy lines make you just wanna slide it somewhere naughty, then wiggle it a little. Ohhh boy. Check out other Jimmyjane stuff here.

So. FREE 2nd day shipping people. You can have your new sex toy under your pillow before you’ve had a chance to explain it’s presence. The code’s JJAIR, enter it at checkout.


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New Review at the Vibrator G Spot Cactus Sex. (please no Rule #36 examples. I’m a little scared.)

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