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How To: The G Spot … Updates Baby, Updates!

GSPOTOh, exciting day! Just submitted an article to; it should be up in a few days, I’ll make a post when it goes up.

Got How To: Find Your G Spot all shiny and eager, just have to post it. It’s coming!

Two reviews at Vibrator G Spot: the Paul and Paulina and the Gigi. Two vibes that’ll have you screaming someone’s name in vain! Another review’ll be going up later today. Oh, and I got the guestbook up and running, so if you stop by drop me a note, I’d love to hear from you.

So, it looks like everything’s out of the starting gate. I’m pretty happy with how things are looking now, but it’s inevitable that some stuff is gonna change. For example, the main site may move over to it’s own domain pretty soon, depending on my level of tolerance for weebly. So far so good, but damn is that interface frustrating, and I don’t really intend to keep How To: The G Spot on their domain anyways. Needs it’s own space, I think. We’ll see how things go, for now.


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Welcome to How To: The G Spot!

This is the blog counterpart to How To: The G Spot. There you’ll find more stable information about how to find your g spot and the g spot orgasm. You’ll also find my favorite page: Vibrator G Spot, because seriously, awesome sex toys make me all happy inside! The site is still under construction; I’m writing up How To: Find Your G Spot today and G Spot Orgasm tomorrow, so cut me some slack. Vibrator G Spot already has a couple reviews up (yes I play favorites) and the page that talks wbout the project is up too.

I’ll admit it, I’m a little hyper. I bounce around a lot, physically and mentally, so it’s just not practical for me to keep a stable website that’s always getting changed around. So, the good, solid info that’s always important and everyone needs can be found there. For now, Vibrator G Spot is going to have most of the product reviews. When there gets to be too many, I’ll do a culling and leave the “Hall of Famers” on the main site and put the rest here.

Plus, the blog will enable you to comment publicly. This is sooooo important to me, because How To: The G Spot is for You! I want people to be able to share their stories, tips and tricks, tell me what they want for the site and blog, and even tell me if they think I’m on 4 pots of coffee and a Mountain Dew (I’m really not, I swear!).

I’ve been active in the “empowered sexuality” community for a long time, and this project has been sitting in my brain for awhile. So, welcome, and please be patient while everything gets up and running!

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